Penile Enhancement Treatments in Kitchener

There are many reasons why a man might seek penis augmentation. For many men the benefit of a larger penis is self-evident, as long as enhancement can be obtained with minimal discomfort or risk.

There may be medical reasons for seeking penis enlargement, such as the impairment of urinary function or fertility, or psychological ones, in which penis size triggers negative emotions such as anxiety or low self-esteem.

Penile injection therapy at Precision clinic promotes penile enlargement and can improve overall sexual performance in men by promoting regeneration of penile nerves and blood vessels, thus increasing the amount of blood flow to the penis.

Natural penis enlargement is possible. No surgery is necessary, and no fillers are used at our Mississauga & Hamilton clinics. We can help.

Reasons for Penis Enlargement

Penile enhancement without surgery is a safe procedure that uses your own natural factors to promote blood flow and better erections. Men pursue penis enlargement for personal and psychological reasons, and also to counteract biological and medical causes of penis size reduction that can occur.


Genetic Factors

In some cases, a man’s penis might be smaller due to a genetic or hormonal disorder that causes micropenis. Micropenis is defined as a stretched penis length of under 3 inches (when the flaccid penis is fully stretched without causing discomfort).

Having a penis this size may interfere with a man’s ability to direct a urine stream. It may also make sexual intercourse difficult and decrease the amount of semen that reaches to the upper vagina.

Some men with micropenis have reduced testosterone levels and a low sperm count due to an underlying hormonal dysfunction. In such cases, increased penis size will not improve fertility as much as assisted fertility treatments.


Psychological Reasons for Enhancement

Other men seek penis enlargement out of the belief that they are smaller than average.

Some men with average penises seek enlargement treatment because they have a preference for a large penis – or believe that sexual partners will have one.

When a preoccupation with penis size interferes with their quality of life, it may be diagnosed as penile dysmorphic disorder (PDD). It is a condition that may benefit more from psychological counseling than penile enlargement.


Medical Causes of Penis Shrinkage

Some health conditions can result in penis shrinkage. The most common of these conditions is prostate surgery, which can result in losing up to 2 inches of flaccid length.
  • Some attention deficit hypersensitivity disorder (ADHD) therapies
  • Antidepressants and antihypertensives
  • Some treatments for enlarged prostate
  • Some hair loss treatments
  • Peyronie’s disease is a condition in which the penis will suddenly develop an abnormal bend, usually later in life. Fibrosis (scarring) at the site of the bend can cause the shortening and/or narrowing of the penis, along with painful erections or erectile dysfunction.
  • Prostate cancer surgery (radical prostatectomy) in which the entire prostate is removed along with surrounding tissues is known to reduce penis size as the fibrosis causes an internal retraction of the penis and a loss of length.
  • “Buried penis” is a term used when a penis is concealed within excess pelvis fat. It is common in prepubescent boys who are obese, many of whom have normal-sized penises and will eventually outgrow the condition. Weight loss also helps.
There is promising scientific data that shows that our treatment may promote bigger and more effective erections. We can help.
Sexual Performance in Younger Men

Natural Penis Size Changes

Men can be concerned about penis size, particularly if their penis appears to become smaller over time. The reality is that flaccid penis size may have little or nothing to do with erect penis size and, of course, penis size has absolutely nothing to do with masculinity. Nevertheless, it’s true that your penis may change length, usually for completely benign reasons.
Your penis may look smaller as you grow older due to decreased blood flow and testosterone in the region, but multiple studies have confirmed there’s no link between age and the length of a flaccid penis. Aging can result in erections that are less strong and some decline in the size of erect penis.
Some men also gain weight in the belly area as they grow older and, as a result, their penis can appear smaller without it actually being smaller.
Research has also shown that long periods of impotence or celibacy can result in some loss of size to the genitals. This is something men are more likely to struggle with as they age, though there are many men who seek treatment for erectile dysfunction even at younger ages.
Losing weight may reduce the appearance of a shrinking penis. If you are on medications, review them carefully to determine if any are on the list of those that may cause a change in penis size. If so, ask your doctor about appropriate substitutions. Physical exercise can actually help with penis size because it improves blood flow throughout the body.

Brantford Male Enhancement Treatment

Natural penis enlargement can be possible with injection therapy. No surgery is necessary, and no fillers are used.

Additional Post-Treatment Steps

Patients will be provided with a vacuum erection device (VED) at the end of the treatment session and they will be shown how to use it to achieve proper pressure. Patients are instructed to use the VED twice a day for 10 minutes each time for 30 days post injection therapy.